Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Hair Trends And Tips To Try In 2012

A new haircut, done well, is like wearing a new outfit every day,” says Senior Hairstylist and Colorist Karen Smith of José Eber Salon in Beverly Hills, California. She says of a woman’s hair, “It says a lot about your personality. The length and color of your hair tells the world who you are.” Smith shared her tips for getting glam this New Year’s Eve, hair looks to try in 2012, and the biggest mistakes that women make with their hair—all while keeping professional women, short on time, in mind.

New Year’s Eve Glam:

“Getting glam for New Year’s Eve shouldn’t take too much effort,” says Smith. “I always take the attitude that less is best. Don’t make it look as though you’ve spent hours in front of your bathroom mirror. Glam and beauty should never look like they are hard won.” Looks to try this New Year’s Eve include a loose chignon and a side braid—both are easy to try and decidedly not fussy

Hair Color Disasters:

Smith says the biggest hair mistake that women make is choosing the wrong color. “Women tend to go either too dark or too blonde,” according to Smith. “If the tone of your hair color is wrong, you can look tired. But if you have the right color, it will make your eyes and complexion sparkle.” Instead of going platinum blonde, ask your colorist to create a golden base and add highlights. When going dark, ask your colorist to weave in high and low lights to emphasize the texture of your cut.

Try a Ponytail:
A ponytail is easy for all women to pull off, according to Smith, “whether it is high, low, loose or tight.” Smith says, “My personal favorite is the side loose ponytail, with a few falling wisps, as though it were the most natural thing in the world, almost accidental. The other great thing about the ponytail look is that it is versatile, and suits almost everyone.” It seems like fashion designers are thinking the same thing—the ponytail was all over the Spring 2012 runways, including Derek Lam (pictured) and Marchesa.

Celebrity Hair Crush:

Gone are the days of “The Rachel” haircut, famously worn by Jennifer Aniston, or Gwyneth Paltrow’s long bob. “Everyone either wants to look like a Victoria’s Secret model or Carey Mulligan,” says Smith, of the most requested celebrity hairstyles at the moment.