Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anushka Sharma is turning heads

As they say, fashion can make you or break you. In case of actor Anushka Sharma, it has certainly worked in her favour. While the actor with her girl-next-door look got a lukewarm response from style watchers, when she stepped into Bollywood four years back, the later part of year 2011 saw her
emerge out as quite a style icon. From her designer chic gowns to her stylish hairdos, Anushka has wowed all with her stellar style, which has undergone a subtle but a very posh make over.

Talking about this transformation, stylist Ankita Jain says, “Anushka is opting for more sleeker outfits. She’s wearing dresses that flatter her body type and is also experimenting with her hair. All this goes on to show that she’s planning her looks more carefully Anushkanow.”

Nisha Kundnani, Anushka’s current fashion stylist agrees, “One of the finest quality about Anushka’s new look is that nothing about her is over dramatic. She is also experimenting with fashion. So one day she could do a grunge jacket with distressed denims and boots, the other day she can make a 40s pencil silhouette work for her, the next she’ll carry a red carpet gown like a Hollywood star.”

Fashion designer Alpana of designer duo Alpana Neeraj says, “Whether it is her straight hair, unkempt waves, messy bun or a ponytail, Anushka is coming across as someone who wants to try out new styles.”