Monday, April 5, 2010

Japanese Hairstyles, Winter, Summer 2010

Although the long, black hair of Asian women is a standard look, not all Japanese women have this type of hair. And, quite frankly, not all Japanese women WANT this type of hair. Japanese women want versatility!
It has become a million dollar industry to alter the appearance of naturally straight or black hair. The Japanese have always been on the cutting edge of fashion, and that fact remains true today! Tokyo is a fashion hub transforming many of the cultures of the world into an Asian-style look that continues to morph and stay on the edge. They use style, length, color, and texture to bring out new styles all the time.
Shorter styles are in the forefront of fashion in Japan now as it is on the runways and in many of the high fashion magazines around the world. We are only beginning to see the possibilities of the creations that stylists can make with shorter hair. These shorter styles work with any shaped face. And whether straight, wavy, a perm, or naturally thick curls, Asian short hair styles can work for you!
There are 3 bob styles – casual, clear, and natural – that show the kind of variations of effects that can be achieved with almost the same hair style. That means you can start with a shorter version and change your look a little each month to “grow into” the others. That is a great incentive to get experimental with these looks because it is easy to transform your look from one to the other to fit any occasion!