Monday, April 19, 2010

If Tom Ford designed tampon packs

..this is what they'd look like. Except they'd probably be made of rare genuine ostrich skin and crocodile leather, and would set you back a few grand a pop. So no, these are not Tom Ford but a well designed and unique little accessory that quickly grows on you as an elegant way to carry around, well, you-know-what. At a minimal price.

The aptly (if not so subtly) named Tampurse is an accessory which proves to be both practical and aesthetic. The Tampurse closes firmly and keeps all your 'feminine items' from spilling around in your bag (and let's face it, there's nothing worse than reaching into your bag for your purse and having rogue tampons jump out like little white ninjas onto the checkout counter). There are some slightly over-glamorous designs that I wouldn't personally use - but the vintage inspired selection look like they might just as easily carry the slim cigarettes of some 1940s screen starlet.